Goodbye DevU, hello

Goodbye DevU, hello

If you came here expecting to find Developer University ( you might be shocked to see the domain name and branding change. The reason for the change is simple: after speaking with a bunch of people, I realized people know my name, but many couldn’t remember the name of my website “DevU”.

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Long-time visitors may remember that I changed domain names once before, from to DevU. There were good reasons for that change, not the least of which was that “Visual Studio” was a trademarked name owned by Microsoft. I created that first site (and chose the name) without thinking of the long term ramifications. I also thought that using the term “DevU” (shortened for Developer University … not everyone understood the faux collegiate tie-in) would help me try to add other content authors into the fold just like you might expect at a real college. That didn’t happen.

I promise I won’t make a change like this again. This is the final incarnation.

Of course, the question you’re going to ask next is “when will you add new videos”? The answer is “soon”. I needed to finish this new site first.

But things are going to be a little different going forward. I wore myself out working on details that didn’t matter, listening to opinions that lead me astray from what I knew in my heart would work and tried to do everything myself when it would have made more sense to just leverage others (like using Thinkific instead of building my own Learning Management System.)